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It means a lot to me to have the people I respect willing to share their knowledge of my strengths as a person, a Democrat, and a candidate.  I respect those who feel it is not appropriate for them to endorse one Democratic candidate over another, and I am honored by those who wish to serve as a public reference for my character and my candidacy.

Owen Perkins
Candidate for State House, District 2


Betty Lehman
Life-Long Democrat and 29-Year Resident
Owen dedicated the past 12 years to working for the people of our community and effectively mobilizing the Democrats of our district for countless progressive initiatives, policy challenges, and election contests.  His experience, competent leadership, generous spirit, courage, integrity, and intellect in this race are simply unmatched.  If you are looking for, as I am, a substantive, thoughtful, activist and doer – and effective, responsible and responsive work horse who will focus on the issues that profoundly affect all of us - -then you will do no better than Owen Perkins for State Representative.
Author, Lecturer, Documentary Film Maker, Southern Hills
Everyone in our neighborhood knows Owen.  For a dozen years he’s been a diligent, hard working Party worker.  I think Owen has made calls, raised money, and knocked on doors for every Democratic candidate in Denver.  And when three of our gutsy legislators faced a recall, Owen was there knocking on doors in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Westminster too.  

Owen is the epitome of the citizen legislator.  Just a neighbor who after a long time in the district got interested in the issues and went to work.  I think it’s fitting that he’s the candidate in this raise that has pledged he will never take a penny from any PAC.  Owen Perkins will never owe a debt to special interest groups.

There’s one issue I would consider Owen to be a superior legislator, and that is our fundamental moral obligation to provide health care coverage for everybody in Colorado.  Our great state senator, Irene Aguilar, has a plan to get everybody covered, and I think Irene can get that through the state senate.  But that bill really hasn’t had legs in the house.  Owen has been working with Irene on that bill since her first day in the Senate.  He knows it, he’s a passionate champion, and he can be the voice for universal health care coverage in the State House.

Rita Schweitz
Precinct Committee Person and Denver Dems Volunteer of the Year
I first met Owen shortly after I moved into the district and I started to get involved in local politics.  Owen at that time was Secretary of the Democratic Party of Denver.  And since then I’ve watched Owen be involved to support issues that are really important to him and to me.  The reason I decided to support Owen is that he shares the Progressive values that I do.  And not only does he share those values, but he actually walks the talk and he gets out and supports candidates and issues that are important to making this a better community and making this world a better world.  I admire all of his energy and that he actually shows up when most people don’t.  I can always count on Owen.  

Sarah Bradley
Precinct Committee Person and House District 2 Dems Volunteer of the Year
Owen has been a tireless worker for the Democratic Party in our district and he has wonderful life experience to bring to the job. And most of all he brings personal qualities of enthusiasm, warmth, and humor, all of which could be greatly used in the State House.

Walker Knight
Precinct Committee Person, District Officer, University Park/Observatory Park
I support Owen because of his values which dictate his positions, his wide experience and work for Democratic causes, his talent, and his character.  I especially like his commitment to public education, marriage equality, universal health care, and clean people-focused politics as evidenced by his pledge not to accept any PAC money for his campaign.  It’s been a “people, not money” effort.

Dianne Thiel
University Neighborhood
Politicians promise us everything we want to hear during the election, and after the election they vote with the monied interests.  I support Owen Perkins because he has a great heart.  His heart is going to have him vote the way that we all want him to vote during his term in the legislature.

Harry Budisidharta
Precinct Committee Person, University Neighborhood
I support Owen Perkins because I believe in an open and transparent government.  Owen is the only candidate that has signed a pledge to never take any PAC money for whatever reason.  And if you go to his website or look at his literature, he’s also the only candidate with a four-page, singled-spaced document outlining his stance on every single issue, no matter how controversial or heated the issue is.  

Debra Turner-Kelly
Platte Park
Owen opened my eyes as a homeowner to the importance of affordable housing in our district.  That is something that is critical to keeping young people and senior citizens in our neighborhood and having an inclusive neighborhood with a wide diversity where people can live and be near downtown.  

Tom “Frosty” Frostman
One of the things I love most about Owen is his smile. It is not a painted-on politician’s smile. It is a genuine smile that even he cannot hold back because it reflects how, deep down inside, he loves people. He values family, friends, and good neighbors. His smile says, “I care about you, and I want to help those in need. I simply want to give back for all the blessings I have received.
Ray Ehrenstein
Precinct Committee Person, Former District Co-Captain
I believe Owen Perkins is the best choice for Denver's House District Two. The man has proven his dedication to our district over and beyond his duties as County Secretary, Captain of HD-2B and his tireless work for Senator Irene Aguilar. Plus, I appreciate his history as a professor and sport's writer (and photographer). His polished speech and calm demeanor at the Denver County Assembly enabled me to see him as a respected and listened to Representative in the Colorado State House.

Allan Ferguson
Former District Co-Captain and Neighborhood Activist
Owen Perkins is the salt of the earth—the kind of down-home, personable, energetic communicator we need in the state legislature.

Tom Parson
Former District Captain
Owen has set the pace for citizen activist participation - with all progressive issues, over many years; he brings a human depth and pleasure to the democratic puzzle. Owen Perkins as our representative for House District 2 will involve our best talents, how we can invent the future. He has my support!

I’ve worked with Owen as a captain in the district, and I’ve got total admiration for the grassroots–based principles that he’s got going on the Party and how to organize people.  The level of experience is across the board.  The policy of the candidates may be similar, but one thing that really strikes me about Owen is that politics is a holistic thing.  It’s his family, his father, the environment, the birthday cake, the ball game.  That’s what I want politics to be.  I want to be part of our lives on a whole range of levels so that we’re not fractured and separated and isolated because of different opinions, so that we somehow have all of this in our minds with a unity of being about it all.  I see that in Owen, and I’m really happy to endorse him and support him. 

Nancy Larson
Precinct Committee Person, South Denver
Owen is a thinking person.  He’s like me:  he likes to really analyze the issues, to look at both sides and try to accommodate both sides.  Owen is also very appealing to me as a candidate because he is the hardest working volunteer in House District 2 that I’ve ever seen.  I got to know him because he loves to knock doors and he offered to come knock doors in my neighborhood to help get out the vote for past candidates.  He really knows the issues in our House District, and he will be such a hard worker for us at the state capitol.  

Ed Henderson
Baseball Broadcast Journalist
I am a conservative Republican from Arapahoe County. It has been my pleasure to know Owen Perkins (and call him a friend) for more than a decade now.

Even though our political views rarely mesh, there are a few things I’d like to tell you about Owen that I think the voters in House District Two should know:

  • First and foremost Owen is a smart, honest, decent and genuine human being who cares very deeply about people and their environment
  • Owen is a hard-working and dedicated individual who understands the issues at hand and can offer the leadership and stewardship that Colorado needs
  • Owen has the ability to rapidly and succinctly summarize a concern and to creatively assess various options and solutions
  • Owen has lived in this beautiful state for his entire adult life, and he wants to enhance the quality of life and values that have made Colorado a place that we all treasure
  • If elected to House District Two the citizens of the district will be served by a man who will ALWAYS put their interests and needs FIRST…ahead of either party or personal objectives

If I lived in House District Two, I would gladly vote for Owen Perkins. Make the right choice…make the only choice. Vote for Owen Perkins!

Wendy Demandante
If Owen Perkins' name is on YOUR ballot, I can tell you that he is worthy of your vote. He is a man of the highest intelligence and integrity. We need more men and women like him in politics.

Cindy Lowery-Graber
Chair, The Denver Dems (2009-2013)
Owen Perkins is one of the hardest working Democratic activists I know.  His overwhelming dedication to informing and educating Democrats and voters across Denver about our principles and candidates is key to our successes in the party.  I am convinced Owen's top priority is serving Democrats in Denver and across Colorado in any way he can, and I am honored to have worked with him through the Democratic Party of Denver.  We would be well served to have Owen in an elected position advocating for Denver voters.

Frank Sullivan
Past Chair Denver Dems Rules, Credentials, and Permanent Organization Committees
Past Captain, House District 8B
Namesake, Denver Dems' Frank Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award
I am enthusiastic about Owen's candidacy for SD 32.  Owen is a great Democrat and will bring Democratic principles to the floor of the Senate and scrutinize bills to ensure they meet those Democratic principles.  A vacancy committee process is an excellent way to get new blood into the legislative arena.  It is a good way for folks like Owen to be able to become viable candidates and legislators. 

He has worked in the trenches of the Denver Democratic Party as Secretary of the Party without reward or promise for future endeavors.  When an opening like SD 32 becomes available, I encourage the workers in the Party, like Owen, to advance their names.  It is important that folks like Owen, who start out without thinking of Party work as a stepping stone to elective office, have the support of others, like me, who work in the trenches. 

Anne McGihon
Former State Representative, House Distict 3
Captain-at-Large, Get Out The Vote; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
I was thrilled to support Owen for Secretary of the Denver Dems in 2008, because folks in HD3 knew his hard work ethic.  He has proven us right and exceeded our expectations by continuing his work as a PCP while setting a new standard for County Secretary.  Owen walked the walk--and walked the precincts--and he stuck with us phone banking in the 2010 election cycle until the final minutes on Election Day.  We've worked beside him in the trenches, and we've looked to him for leadership across the county.

Because we are Democrats, we care about many issues.  Organizing us can be like herding cats.  Owen's commitment to communication and articulating our message kept us focused on supporting Democratic ideals and getting Democrats elected.

Kevin Williams
Past Captain, 3A; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
Owen has been an exemplary PCP and supporter of our house district in addition to his stellar work as Secretary for the Denver Dems. Owen was a tremendous help in making sure our 2010 GOTV efforts were successful. Additionally, Owen is well versed in the key policy issues facing our state and would be a great advocate for Democratic values in the State Senate.

Julie Kronenberger
Past Secretary (2011-2013), Captain-at-Large - Fundraising Chair (2007-2009), The Denver Dems
In 2009 I had the honor of nominating Owen Perkins, a friend and compatriot for over 20 years, as Secretary of the Democratic Party of Denver.  I told the committee that I had no doubt that he would do an amazing job not only with his brains and razor sharp organizational skills, but with his unending patience and ability to really listen to the needs of his constituents.  He has yet to prove me wrong.  I also said he was here to stay, and I am certain his next logical step after two years, the Colorado State Senate, is where he really belongs.

Lou Irwin
Captain-at-Large - Public Policy Committee; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
Owen's stellar work on behalf of the Denver Democrats, his deep understanding of Colorado, and the breadth of knowledge he has acquired as a long-time teacher and journalist make him a worthy successor to Chris Romer and an excellent candidate for the State Senate.

Gino Furzi
Chair, Houst District 4, Past Co-Captain, House District 4B; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
Owen will serve his constituents well.  If you have a question, Owen offers perspective and not just a simple answer.  Owen has redefined the role of secretary for the Denver Democratic party by enhancing the website to give those of us at the grassroots level the tools to do our jobs.  He is responsive, thoughtful and will make a great legislator.   

Andrea Merida
Director District 2 (SW Denver), Denver Board of Education (School Board Member)
Past Captain, House District 2B; Secretary, Senate District 34; Executive Committee Member--The Denver Dems
I am proud to endorse Owen Perkins to represent Colorado's Senate District 32 because I trust him.  Having served with him on the Democratic Party of Denver's Executive Committee, I know he is a good Democrat. 

I can count on him to defend the rights of the LGBT community and of workers seeking due process and collective bargaining.  As a proud Latina, I know he will be in the first line of defense against Arizona-style laws that threaten to violate the civil rights of all Colorado Hispanics, from the descendants of our state's founders to new citizens.  As a servant of the families and teachers of the Denver Public Schools, I can think of no one better to protect our public education system, while expecting the best from students without scapegoating our hardworking teachers. 

Owen is not only committed to listening to every resident of the district, but also to working with well-meaning folks from all party affiliations to break TABOR's stranglehold that threatens the prosperity of all.  In short, I trust Owen Perkins to defend our core Democratic values, and in this time in which our party has lost so much ground, I believe that Owen is the best choice for Colorado's Senate District 32.

Mary Brice
Past Captain, HD8B; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
I used to have to remind Democrats that our party officials are volunteers just like we are. We can't expect them to be at our service day and night and to magically handle everything. Owen Perkins, Secretary of Denver Dems, has forced me to amend that. Now I say "our officers are volunteers just like we are, but Owen can do it." That's if I need to say anything, because mostly, before anyone else knows what to be done, Owen does it. From getting info to Precinct Committee people, to updating the calendar, to any party minutiae, Owen's got it covered.

Awilda Marquez
Captain-at-Large, Diversity and Outreach; Executive Committee Member – The Denver Dems
I admire Owen’s excellent qualities of being a great listener, fair-minded, hardworking and organized, and an all-around nice guy.

Steve Lawrence
Past Co-Captain, House District 7B; Executive Committee Member -- The Denver Dems
Colorado Democratic Party Platform Committee
I continue to be impressed with Owen’s competence and dedication to his role of County Party Secretary. He has always been available for consultation, his work is well thought out, his communication skills are excellent, and his responsiveness is exemplary.  I congratulate him on his decision to serve his constituents as a member of the Senate in the Colorado General Assembly.  Good luck, Owen!

Debra Kolp, 2nd Chair of the Colorado Labor Initiative of the Democratic Party
Retired Steelworker; Denver Dems Precinct Committee Person, Precinct 237
Labor is always looking at Candidates who are Labor friendly.   I too look for Labor friendly Candidates, but I see a lot more than that in Owen. From the work we have done together, I feel at ease with Owen's knowledge and explanations of the issue's for whatever problems we need to work on and with what Owen brings to the table.

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