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I've worked as a journalist for 24 years, including the last 19 years as my primary profession.  I'm in the process of tracking down some of my favorite stories that are available on-line and posting a selection of them here.  I'll continue to add stories as I have time, and I hope eventually to share an assortment of my work as a baseball writer, theater critic, investigative reporter, environmental writer, political reporter, Arts and Entertainment Editor, and Sports Editor.  I hope you enjoy this insight into my professional career, and I hope you find a story or two of interest to you.  Please pardon the "under construction" nature of this page while I focus my attention on my political campaign.

Assorted On-Line Clips -- Owen Perkins

Award Winners
Fear and Loathing at the Olympics, Seattle Weekly
Fear and Loathing at the Olympics - Print Edition
Frozen in Time : Stanley finale provides the ultimate in drama
Marathon Men : The Colorado Avalanche pick up the pace and return to the Stanley Cup Finals
Sports : Karma Control - No next year for the 2000 Broncos
Only in New York Baseball's Civil War tells all the wrong stories
Feed the Birds : The bird man of Palmer Park faces cutthroat competition in the birdseed business
Brave New Bard : All the West's a stage
The Art of Adventure : Colorado artists paint their way onto an environmental expedition
After Matthew : The Laramie Project unearths a better western
Theater : The Gods Must Be Crazed - Epic world premiere of Tantalus
How I Learned to Drive

Against The Wind - A Walk On The Wild Side With Colorado Springs' Great Blue Herons
Across the Great Divide - An Interview with Jimmy Carter
Hear Ye, Hear Ye - The Carters Bring The Efforts of the Carter Center to the Attention of a Town Hall Meeting
Future Force - The Carters Bring Youth At Risk To Colorado's High Country
Town Hall Meeting - Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Answer Questions on Current Affairs
Undecided By a Landslide - The Play-by-Play on an All-Nighter of Indecision
Storied Ground - Decoding the Rhetoric on the Presidential Politics of Public Land
Abbey's Road - Literary Triangulation and the Search for Cactus Ed
The Monkey Wrench Interview - Sitting Down (By The River) with Seldom Scene Smith

Major League Baseball, 2017

Rockies Clinching Game and End of Season Stories and Videos
Charlie Blackmon and teammates toast to Batting Title, October 1, 2017
Nolan Arenado on the Rockies making the playoffs, October 1, 2017
Kyle Freeland on starting the season's final game, October 1, 2017
Carlos Gonzalez on the Rockies return to the playoffs, October 1, 2017

Marlins at Rockies, September 25-27, 2017

Padres at Rockies, September 15-17, 2017

D-backs at Rockies, September 1-3, 2017
Descalso delivers crushing blow off bench, September 1, 2017
D-backs build on Wild lead, win 8th straight, September 1, 2017
The D-backs shifted the whole outfield against DJ LeMahieu, and he still hit a double, September 1, 2017
Negron among D-backs' 5 Triple-A call-ups, September 1, 2017

Tigers at Rockies, August 28-30, 2017

Mariners at Rockies, May 29-30, 2017
Seager provides key blow as Mariners win, May 29, 2017
Mariners bullpen does heavy lifting in win, May 29, 2017
Cruz to play right field in Rockies series, May 29, 2017

Cardinals at Rockies, May 26-28, 2017

Rockies vs. D-backs, May 7, 2017

Nationals at Rockies, April 24-27, 2017

Rockies vs. Giants, April 21, 23, 2017
Could Desmond return in the outfield? April 23, 2017

Dodgers at Rockies, April 11-14, 2017

Padres at Rockies, April 10-12, 2017

Rockies, April 9, 2017

Cubs at Rockies, April 8-10, 2017

Spring Training, 2017
Motter matters with a big day for the Mariners, March 15, 2017
James Pazos ready for new beginning with Mariners, February 23, 2017
Mariners' Cishek says rehab on right track, February 23, 2017
Mariners get what they wish for on Glove Day, February 23, 2017

Todd Helton Retirement and #17 Retirement Videos
Todd Helton #17 Retirement, August 17, 2014
Todd's Last Stand, September, 2013

Selected Spring Training, 2013
Rosario's Confidence Growing Behind the Plate - March 5, 2013
Pacheco Displays Rare Versatility for Sophomore - March 4, 2013
Helton Savors Spring Training Like It's His Last - March 3, 2013
Helton Gearing Up for Long Season - March 4, 2013
Cuddyer's Shirts Have Instilled New Attitude - March 1, 2013
Leaner CarGo Focused on Explosiveness - February 27, 2013
In Camp as Coach, Astacio Thrilled to Help - February 28, 2013
Arenado's Quick Thinking Leads to Triple Play - February 28, 2013
Rockies Need Healthy Chacin, De La Rosa to Compete - February 26, 2013

Sports, Arts, and More - Coming Soon