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Raise the Minimum Wage in Colorado
From $8 to $11/hour and for tipped employees from $4.98 to $7.98/hour

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Help us build momentum to raise the minimum wage in Colorado by clicking the Inequality for All image above, right, and signing our petition calling for an increase in Colorado from $8/hour to $11/hour. 

Click the image on the left to hear the conference call with former Secretary Robert Reich and Senator Elizabeth Warren that we took part in at our February 27th Inequality for All  watch party (right).



Americans are still suffering from one of the worst recessions in history, yet wages have flatlined. The time has come to raise the minimum wage in our community.  It's good for the economy.  It's good for America.

Why is this important?

Out of all developed nations, the United States has the most unequal distribution of wealth. Middle class wages have remained stagnant while the top 1% have seen 95% of the gains.

In fact, today's minimum wage is worth about 20% less than it was worth 33 years ago when Ronald Reagan took office. 

Raising the minimum wage is the one the best ways to combat income inequality, give Americans a raise, build the middle class, and create jobs.  It helps families, gives businesses customers with more money to spend, and involves no bureaucracy. 

Don't wait for Congress to act.  Let's lead again in Colorado!  Click here to sign the petition." width="173"/>" width="308"/>" width="177"/>
Senator Jesse Ulibarri.        Mobilizing students at DU to raise the wage.         Delivering out petitions.

What people who signed are saying:

Avis S. I,m retired but I see that prices are always going up and I am having to go back to work just to keep things going, the wages are low for the working and middle class, a college graduate works right along side the working class with the same wage, neither one can get ahead!

Mark H.
Since I entered the work force at 35 years ago. Living has felt like being caught in quick sand. I have never been able to get ahead and I have a college education, and student loans unpaid. Economy grows from middle class out in both directions.

Gina R.
Let's send a message to Wal-Mart, MacDonald's, etc. Pay your workers and give them health insurance.

Sheila S. 
This is one important step of many needed to undue the damage done to the middle class over the last three decades.

Kevin M  
We should be putting this on the ballot for a vote of all Colorado residents.

David B.
The best and fairest way to reduce poverty in the U.S. is to set a fair minimum wage so people working a full time job can support themselves.

Joanne D.
A minimum wage will help small businesses compete with big box retailers who undercut them.

Steve B
An increase in the minimum wage will increase purchasing power for households. That is good for our local communities and their economies where most of those purchases are and will be spent.