Veterans Caucus

Here are my videos from the Veterans and Military Families Council meeting on Monday.  Thanks to all who serve, including my father Moreland (WWII), my grandfather Edward (WWI), and my great, great grandfather Hiram (Civil War).  There are still two children of Civil War veterans alive and receiving veterans benefits!  Amazing that President Obama is keeping promises made by President Lincoln.

Great speaker, Rob Diamond, a Navy vet.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz (below) on the third of four sightings Monday.  She kept it fresh until midnight at the Humphrey/McGovern/Carter party.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz (Part 2, below):

Alice Germond, DNC Secretary, shares her military family memories (below):

Tammy Duckworth (below) -- don't miss this video!

Christine Pelosi founded the Veterans and Military Families Council in honor of her family's proud military service.  As a lifelong Oriole fan, I never knew the full story of Memorial Stadium until Monday's Council meeting.  Pelosi's grandfather, Mayor Tommy D'Alesandro, was instrumental in bringing the St. Louis Browns to Baltimore as the Orioles in 1954.  They wanted to name the stadium after him, but he preferred to recognize his brother and all those who served, hence Memorial Stadium, where I watched the Orioles for some 25 years before Camden Yards.

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