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Vacancy Committee

Vacancy Committee Contacts
The primary responsibility for organizing a Vacancy Committee, setting an agenda, and proposing rules for the election process falls to our officers in SD32. 

If you have any questions or requests, please contact the following:

Vacancy Committee Appointment Nuts and Bolts
The SD32 Vacancy Committee is made up of the members of the Democratic Party of Denver Central Committee who reside in SD32.  That includes Precinct Committee Persons, Democratic Party officers on the subdistrict, House District, Senate District, County, State, and DNC level, and Democratic elected officials on every level. 

There are currently 149 members of the SD32 Vacancy Committee.

The timing of a potential Vacancy Committee meeting and election will be determined by if and when Senator Romer resigns.  In the event that State Senator Chris Romer decides to resign his seat, a Vacancy Committee appointment must be made with at least 10 days notice and no more than 30 days after the effective date of the resignation.  If there is a Vacancy Committee election in SD32, it would likely be before the end of the year. 

A quorum of 75 Vacancy Committee members (1/2 the members of the Vacancy Committee) is required to convene the meeting and make an appointment.  There are no proxies.

Any registered Democrat who meets the following criteria is eligible to run for the seat: 1) a U.S. citizen, 2) 25 years or older, and 3) a resident in SD32 for at least a year.  Candidates must be either nominated or seconded by a member of the Vacancy Committee.

Each Vacancy Committee member has one vote, even if they have two titles (i.e., Sub-district Captain and PCP).

The winning candidate must earn a majority of the votes.  The district officers will determine a plan for multiple rounds of voting to whittle the field down to an ultimate winner.

The winning candidate will begin serving as soon as the oath of office can be arranged.  The new senator will stand for election at the next general election, in November of 2012.

The Vacancy Committee Meeting is open to the public.


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