Get Involved
Like any good campaign, the path to victory will hinge on mobilizing supporters.  We've worked hard to register and mobilize Democrats in House District 2, and we increasingly a district that beats its feet to drum up support.  It will take the kind of investment you're all familiar with to grow our solid base into a mobilized margin of victory.

There are all sorts of ways to get involved and help with this campaign. 

  • Share your confidence and enthusiasm with your friends. Your persuasion will win support from some who don't know me as well as they know you.   
  • Come out with an endorsement or testimonial if you feel comfortable.  Help me get other endorsements or testimonials from community leaders and grassroots activists, from organizations or individuals. If you'd like to submit a line or two about me to share with visitors to the website, please send them to  I do not consider these endorsements, and I will make it clear that a testamonial about my character, performance, or qualifications is not an endorsement.  (If you'd like to endorse me, let me know!)
  • Host a house party where we can sit down with other activists for a focused conversation on the issues of concern to House District 2 residents.
  • Help with design elements for printed materials or website features.
  • Help drag me into the 21st century with a new media presence on Facebook and (dare I say it?) Twitter.  
  • Sponsor a service project.
  • Join a Policy Committee and help me with the organic process of turning our concerns and passions into legislative action. 
  • Step it up a notch and get intimately involved in helping me win this State House seat by joining my steering committee.  I'd love to have your advice and support.  Give me a call at (303) 722-1655 or drop me an e-mail at if you're interested in helping.
  • Help support a clean and respectful campagin that rejects PAC money and denounces anyone engaging in negative, disresectful tactics on my behalf.
  • Share your good ideas with me about how to run a better campaign.

You know the drill.  You're the foundation of the Democratic Party of Denver, and nobody knows better how to win elections than you.  I'd be honored to have you join "Team Perkins" on this exciting journey.

Thanks for your interest!


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