Disability Caucus

Here are my videos from Monday's Disability Caucus:

Deputy Director of Operation Vote Fires Up the Disability Caucus

Governor of Deleware Discusses Initiative to Provide Jobs for People With Disabilities (below)

Congresswoman Jan Schakowski addressed the Disability Caucus (below) and began by discussing her experience in Tampa during the Republican Convention when she got snow blindness from seeing so much white.  She reminded us how nice it is to be a party made of so many people looking a little bit different.

I loved Schakowski's Inclusive Home Design Act, which would require newly constructed homes to spend a few hundred dollars more to ensure accessible entrances, including proper width doors for accomodating wheel chairs.  The cost is so much lower to do it right from the start, rather than trying to go back and rebuild it later when the need arises.  Wouldn't you love to see something like that in Colorado?

DNC Secretary addresses the Disability Caucus (below)

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