House District Dialogues
I'm in the process of meeting with folks from a variety of fields to hear good ideas and concerns, and I'd love to hear from anyone about the issues facing House District 2, Denver, and Colorado.  I'd also like to meet with residents of HD2 to share my interest in seeking the State House seat and to hear your thoughts about our district.

Please contact me any time through the following:

Owen Perkins
2171 S. Franklin St.
Denver, Colorado  80210
(303) 722-1655 (home); (719) 331-2121 (cell);

E-mail List
If you'd like to get on my e-mail list, send an e-mail to  I'd love to be in touch with activists and residents, both in the district and beyond.

If you'd like to submit a line or two about me to share with visitors to the website, please send them to the e-mail address above.  I do not consider these endorsements, and I will make it clear that a testamonial about my character, performance, or qualifications is not an endorsement.  (If you'd like to endorse me, let me know!)

Steering Committee
Would you like to step it up a notch and get intimately involved in helping me win this seat?  I'd love to have your advice and support.  Give me a call or drop me an e-mail if you're interested in helping in any capacity.

I've was fortunate enough to be approached by someone eager to contribute to my efforts as I was sitting at the bank completing the paper work to establish my campaign committee.  I never thought fundraising could be that easy!  But I also don't expect the funds I need to wage a competitive race to come so easily in the future.  I need the support of those who believe in grassroots democracy and who are determined to preserving our elected offices as a goal attainable by those willing to work hard for it.

I have been steadfast in putting together a campaign free of Political Action Committee (PAC) and Small Donor Committee (SDC) contributions.  While SDCs, for example, are able to give significantly more money than the $400 limit individual donors can contribute to a Colorado State House candidate, I would rather work harder to get the support from individuals.  There are certainly PACs and SDCs whose values align with mine on the issues, but I'm committed to helping get big money out of politics, and this is where I draw the line.

I hope you'll support my efforts with a contribution through my secure Act Blue payment page at  As a long-time volunteer for Democratic candidates and campaigns, I understand that many of us find the most value we can bring to a campaign is to give of our time, and I'd love to engage you on our campaign team if you think you can help in that way.  For those who feel they can best help by making a financial contribution, I welcome your support. 

The maximum amount any individual can contribute to my campaign is $400 during the course of the election cycle.  If you're able to contribute at that level, I'd love to list you as a host of and five of my upcoming campaign events.  If you'd prefer a more modest contribution, I would value whatever you can offer.  There is a lot of strength behind a lot of little money, and we have shown time and again in Denver what a dedicated people-based campaign can do even in the face of well-funded opposition.

You can make a secure contribution on-line at, or send a check to People for Perkins, 2171 S. Franklin St., Denver, Colorado  80210 if you'd prefer. 

Thanks for your interest!


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